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Management Consulting for Distressed Enterprises

Our professionals use time tested methodologies and analytics to provide cost effective assistance to enterprises in distress. Working closely with senior management, we develop an action plan to generate cash and stabilize operations based on a breakeven analysis. Concurrently, strategic and administrative issues related to the long term success of the enterprise are evaluated and reviewed with executive management and company ownership. The plans are updated at a regularly scheduled weekly management meeting and the results are reported to key stakeholders of the firm. Whether the crisis has been caused by a sudden change in industry conditions, the loss of a major customer or key executive, or a change in funding sources, our professionals have the background and experience to help manage through the problem.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Matters

Finn, Warnke & Gayton has a well earned reputation for providing fast and efficient service in all types of bankruptcy and insolvency matters. Our expertise in accounting, banking, finance, and sales and marketing allows us to bring a multi-disciplined approach to each case. Our professionals have served as U.S.C. Title 11 Functionaries including Chapter 11 Operating Trustee, Accountant, and Examiner. We have also served as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors, Liquidating Agent for Corporations, and Agent to other Receivers and Liquidating Agents.

 Financial Institution Advisory Services

Major financial institutions throughout New England have retained Finn, Warnke & Gayton to evaluate prospective and existing client’s loan requests. Services are tailored to the circumstances but normally include an evaluation of operations, collateral, and company management. The assignment can normally be accomplished in 1 or 2 days.

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Intellectual Property Sales

Finn, Warnke & Gayton offers a process and platform for technology companies to sell their intellectual property. Intellectual property sitting dormant in various stages of development due to funding, scientific or regulatory issues can be packaged and sold. Our experience in selling the intellectual property of ActivBiotics, Spherics, Prospect Therapeutics, Alpha Beta Technologies and EPIX Pharmaceuticals under the assignment for the benefit of creditors process has enabled Finn, Warnke & Gayton to develop a database of active technology buyers from which to conduct sales.
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